PIECE Studio has been invited to display projects at the HELLO exhibition. The exhibition is sponsored, devised and held at the University of South Dakota. The title of the exhibition is called HELLO and will be a celebration of the power of design for the common good.

The poster typographically plays with SOCIAL DESIGN and SO SHALL I DESIGN, as well as having SOS in the logotype. The poster is assembled as large book with multiple posters placed one behind the other. The posters are perforated into individual cards. The viewer is asked to tear off a card and make a pledge to improve a community. The poster deconstructs itself and the viewer becomes part of something larger than themselves. Each person is instructed to send a photograph and written explanation of their community project back to PIECE Studio for us to promote on our site.

PIECE Studio will have eight posters and several books in the exhibition.

Exhibition Dates and Photography to follow.